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Innovative Packaging Technology

Few production and distribution owners realize how vital palletizing is as one of the fundamental aspects of their operation. Without the proper stacking, storing, and transporting equipment, their business would struggle to organize and ship their products in time. 

That’s why at Conveyor & Materials Handling, our Dallas palletizing equipment is ready to move and organize your products quickly and efficiently. With the latest technological advancements in the materials handling industry, you can expect only the best-performing machinery to help your facility stay organized and productive.

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The Benefits of Palletizing Equipment

Many Conveyors customers have found that their palletizers have positively impacted their facility, improving production for both short and long-term improvement.

Main benefits that come from our Dallas palletizing equipment include: 

Types of Palletizing Equipment We Offer in Dallas

At Conveyor & Materials Handling, we take pride in offering our customers a wide range of options. No matter what type of palletizing equipment you need, our store will have it in stock and ready for you to use. From racking technology to palletizers that work with lift tables and everything in between, we have something for everyone. 

Main benefits that come from our Dallas palletizing equipment include: 

Robotic palletizers save time and energy by organizing and stacking products as they reach the end of the conveyor line.

Located on the ground, our low-level palletizers are the most common type of palletizing equipment in Dallas. 

If you’re short on floor space, high-level palletizers are located above the ground and operate using an overhead conveyor system.

In-line palletizers allow you to keep a steady, constant flow of material or products while simultaneously organizing them into groups.

Single-in single-out palletizers are better for small companies, but multi-line-in multi-line-out is better for larger companies.

Each Dallas palletizing equipment utilizes automation and state-of-the-art technology to make it safe and easy to use. 

Industries We Work With

Regardless of what industry you’re involved in, we have palletizing equipment that can help. From food packaging, bottling equipment, office equipment, or anything else, our palletizing and racking solutions can maximize your productivity, efficiency, and storage capabilities. 

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Whether you require standard palletizing equipment or custom solutions in Dallas, contact us at Conveyor & Materials Handling. With more than three decades of experience, we’re one of Texas’s premier suppliers for stacking, storing, and moving equipment.

And if you’re looking for more industrial machinery to make operations easier and more efficient, we offer a range of equipment to choose from, including warehousing products, lift tables, conveyors, and more! Our experts got everything you need and will make sure you get the perfect machinery for your business to succeed.

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