Food Packaging in El Paso

For 30 years, Conveyors & Materials Handling has been a leader in the supply of secondary and end-of-line packaging equipment throughout Mexico. From the case erectors, racking, case packers, industrial ovens, and end of the line palletizers and stretch wrappers, our team has led the way in creating the solutions for Fortune 500 companies. 

In the realm of food and beverage manufacturing, food packaging represents a critical function of how our food supply operates. The importance of safe, reliable packaging for food lies in its functions of protecting its contents from contamination, loss, leakage, or other issues. That’s why our team at Conveyors and Materials Handling offer products and services tailored towards safe and efficient automation for food packaging in El Paso for safe and efficient storage and transporation.

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About Our Food Packaging Services

Like most of our services, our El Paso food packaging products and automation services are tailored to the needs of the clients. We can provide anything from individual components to industrial ovens to full packaging systems that support a plethora of different goods. 

Goods we supply with our equipment for food packaging in El Paso include, but are not limited to, the following: 

Main benefits that come from our Dallas palletizing equipment include: 

The systems that we provide for clients have state-of-the-art automation components meant to reduce downtime and unnecessary complexity in storage and racking in El Paso. No matter what your needs are, we are confident that we can help. 

Why Choose C&MH?

As technology has changed, C&MH continues to work with our suppliers to represent the solutions our customers seek. With the development and introduction of industrial robotics, our team works with our lines and integrators to offer semi-automatic industrial palletizing robotics, industrial ovens, automatic industrial palletizing robotics, pick and pack robotics and cobots, and in-line industrial cobots for production lines. 

We focus on creating an El Paso food packaging automation to maximize the efficiency in your workspace and limit downtime caused by injuries from repeated bending and lifting in the packaging process. Our suppliers and integrators focus on maximizing ROI for our customers and allowing their team to focus on the important processes they handle, from producing, packaging, and racking. 

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Looking to build or improve your food packaging systems? Look no further than Conveyors & Materials Handling! We offer a vast selection of industrial automation to help you achieve your objectives. 

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