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Equipment for Easier Operations

Our largest and broadest offering is also our bread and butter in creating the solutions our customers require. From the individual replacement parts and pieces to keep your workspace moving, our fully customizable lines of materials handling and automation in El Paso can create a fully ergonomic workplace focused on injury prevention and workplace safety, we work with our supplies to meet the needs of our customers.

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What is Materials Handling?

Material handling is the automation movement, protection, storage, and control of materials and products. For us, it is throughout our El Paso racking, manufacturing, warehousing, distribution, consumption, and disposal. Material handling is the backbone of any warehouse or operation, making it a top priority for any business looking to create a safe, secure, and efficient workplace environment. 

The Importance of Materials Handling

Quality, efficient material handling is crucial for a successful warehouse. With efficiency, products can be produced in a manner that helps the business and reduces the risk of accidents and injury. A proper material handling setup, like our El Paso automation system, should make products easy to move and ship, which should in turn reduce the cost and time for moving material. Additionally, a good materials handling apparatus should reduce product damages through well-planned transportation. 

Mallard flow rack

About Materials Handling Equipment and Systems

Our El Paso materials handling equipment and systems can be divided into a few key areas: bulk material handling, industrial trucks, racking, engineered systems, and storage. 

Industrial automation that we offer include:

Lift and move heavy products with our state-of-the-art cranes in El Paso.

With fast and ready help from our conveyors, you can expect immediate improvements in your operations’ productivity.

Lift and move heavy products with our state-of-the-art cranes in El Paso.

With fast and ready help from our conveyors, you can expect immediate improvements in your operations’ productivity.

Our hoist system will make transporting large or multiple items much easier for your business.

Improve the way your facility organizes your products with our El Paso racking technology.

In terms of storage equipment, we offer items like shelves, drawers, bins, racks, stacking frames, and more. This equipment is especially useful during lulls or temporary pauses inactivity. For engineered systems, we offer conveyor systems, Automated Storage and Retrieval, and Automatic Guided Vehicles, among other products. These systems both reduce the time and manpower to accomplish certain tasks.

In bulk material handling, automation items like stackers, conveyors, hoppers, and lift tables are useful for the handling and movement of material. Finally, we offer industrial trucks like hand trucks, pallet trucks, order pickers, and other equipment for easy storage and racking in El Paso.

Why Choose Conveyors & Materials Handling?

As our name suggests, one of our main focuses at C&MH is materials handling. For the industries we work with, all types of materials have to be transported, sometimes in less than ideal conditions. As such, we share our El Paso automation guidance and quality products that are informed by decades of experience in the field. 

Our staff has centuries of combined automation experience across all sectors of manufacturing, so we are well equipped to help with everything from minor questions to full operations overhauls. 

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Materials handling is one of the most important aspects of production across all industries, but our team makes it easy. We have a full spectrum of materials handling equipment, including our El Paso racking, warehousing, distributing, and the confidence that we can help any client. 

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