De-Palletizing, Palletizing, and End-of-the-Line Packaging Solutions for El Paso and Beyonds

For over 20 years, Conveyors and Materials Handling has supplied de-palletizing, palletizing, and end-of-the-line packaging solutions for our customers in the United States and Mexico. The solutions we create range from slow, single-in, single-out solutions for smaller customers, to higher speed multi-line-in multi-line-out applications for some of the fortune 500 customers we have served. As the technology has changed within the packing and unpacking of materials, the C&MH team continues to work with our manufacturing lines to meet the requirements of our customers.

Palletizing Options

Throughout our company history, we have offered our customers solutions with the low-level and high-level pallet options they demand. As technology has improved over time, we have evolved to supply Robotic palletizing cells to our customers to meet their needs in a smart and automated production line. We integrate these solutions to meet the needs of the Automatic or semi-automatic palletizing applications with single in- single out, single in- multi-out, multi in- single out, and multi in-multi out solutions. We also offer solutions in full end-of-the-line packaging solutions with palletizing, conveyance, and stretch wrapping equipment as an all-in-one application for our customers.

Palletizer Benefits

The benefits of our palletizing and de-palletizing equipment are to create efficiency along your production line, as well as limit worker fatigue and injury due to repeated bending and lifting. Our de-palletizing options will automatically unpack equipment and materials and place them directly on your production lines. Options with visual inspections allow the system to remove damaged or incorrect equipment from the line. 

Our palletizing options can build any pallet pattern our customers require and are capable of lifting packaging or boxes at the most speed and weight requirements. These options keep from your workers having to bend and lift in repetitive movements that can lead to line slowdown, and worker injuries, and turnover in the workplace. Our options come with safety sensors and will meet all safety requirements in the workplace including fencing to keep workers out of restricted areas, and equipment slows down and stoppage procedures if human interaction or interference gets too close.

Industries We Serve

Our customers who work with these applications mostly work within the Household Products, Food and Beverage, and Bottling industries. We continue to look for new customers who would benefit from the end of the line packaging solutions in the pharmaceutical and chemical production industries or any other industry that can benefit from palletizing and robotic cells. Contact Conveyors and Materials Handling today to learn more about what we have to offer!

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