Lift Tables And Accessories In El Paso

Conveyors & Materials Handling offers a wide array of lift tables and accessory products for manufacturing industries across North America. From pallet handling to work positioning, lift tables are a simple but incredibly useful tool in the manufacturing world.

The Necessity of Lift Tables In Your Industry

Lift tables, in basic terms, are devices that employ a scissor mechanism to raise or lower people or goods. These tables are designed to move particularly large objects across short distances. For example, lift tables can be used to load vehicles and handle pallets, as well as move staff in position. 

Without lift tables, some heavy loads or positioning needs could not be met, leading to breakdowns in the manufacturing chain and safety problems for operators. With this in mind, our staff offers top-quality lift tables tailored to most needs and installation guidance to integrate this technology into your operations.

Man with packages on a lift table

Types Of Lift Tables We Offer

Given the scope of industries that we have worked with over time, we have crafted our lift table selection to match. For relatively small loads, lift tables that employ hydraulic foot pumps, push chains, pneumatic sources, and other technologies are useful. For heavier loads, we offer more conventional lift tables that use hydraulic cylinders and electrically powered pumps. Our team can even offer lift tables for specialized tasks, such as providing access for mobility-impaired individuals. 

Some of the lift table types we work with include, but are not limited to, the following types:

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