Cd. Juárez, Chihuahua, MX

Our Cd. Juárez office supports our team of sales engineers, project managers, and integration engineers with over 125 years of experience working with the maquiladoras along with the United States and Mexico border. All of our sales engineers started with the maquiladoras, giving them the knowledge and experience to understand the needs of these manufacturing centers. This history allows our sales engineering team an in-depth understanding to assist our customers with even the most complex project.

Our team in the Cd. Juárez office is supported by our integration engineer who helps lay out the drawings and blueprints of the manufacturing lines. They are then able to integrate and work with our installers to create the full solution our customers require to the exact recommendations and needs of each individual customer.

Plaza Micaela Local 8,

Col. Fray García de San Francisco

Cd. Juárez, Chih, México 32470

Systems Integrator

Inside Sales Asst.

Sales Representative

Our team in the Cd. Juárez office is situated to support and serve our customers throughout Northern Mexico. With extensive knowledge and expertise working with the Maquiladoras for over 125 years, they are the foundation of the award-winning success of Conveyors and Materials Handling

To learn more about the solutions they can create, reach out to them today so we can get started on creating practical solutions for you!

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