Cranes and Hoist Services in El Paso

Conveyors and Materials Handling has a long-standing relationship with the leading manufacturers of your El Paso hoist, lift, and crane solutions. The various automation options that we provide allow our customers to move heavy machinery around their production line or lift and hold products within the assembly line to eliminate repetitive and lasting bending in your overhead cranes and chain hoist systems, which can cause injuries in the workplace. The C&MH team strives to create a solution focused on increasing productivity and efficiencies throughout production lines while assisting in the elimination of downtime and employee turnover due to harsh working conditions and injury.  

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Equipment We Offer

Our team coordinates with our customers to create an automation solution that will meet their present needs while looking forward to future goals and expectations for their equipment demands. We provide a wide range of El Paso overhead cranes capable of lifting 5 lbs in a stationary position with the assistance of hoist systems to choose from. That way, you can start moving thousands of pounds throughout your warehouse with ease and extra time.

Demag Standard Cranes

Industries We Serve

The manufacturers we work with supply our customers throughout the United States and Mexico, no matter what industry they work within. If you require lifting equipment, we are ready to create the solution for you.

Automotive and Aeronautic

Our customers in the automotive and aeronautic industries are focused on solutions that allow them to lift heavy products and move them along their production line and warehouse facilities. Our overhead cranes and jib cranes in El Paso are frequently requested by local customers since they allow them to lift and hold heavy equipment at eye level. This allows you to assemble and inspect the automation prior to it moving along the production floor and being placed either in a central storage area for future use or within the next stage of the assembly line, where it will continue to be integrated with other materials to create the final product. 


In the electronics industry, the weights of the materials are not as significant, but the importance of good El Paso cranes and chain hoists are essential to success. More often, our cranes and hoist solutions are used to lift oversized objects to standing eye level to allow our customers to assemble and inspect products without prolonged bending.  

Oil and Gas and Chemical Refining 

The oil and gas industry, including storage facilities, active production, and the refining industry use cranes and hoist services in El Paso for more outdoor and harsh condition environments. Our pneumatic hoist automation has been the most successful for these conditions and applications where customers are lifting pipes and heavy equipment into place or picking them up and putting them back down for breakdown and transportation.

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If you need an overhead crane or chain hoist in El Paso for your operations, you can rely on our industrial supplier for the best automation available. Conveyors & Materials Handling is proud to be your source for various cranes and support systems that work for your space and function in mind. 

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