Conveyors in Dallas

Whether it’s transporting items from one side of your factory to the other, moving things along an assembly line, or streamlining your warehouse, conveyor systems are absolutely essential. That’s why for optimized safety and production, you need the best conveyor service in Dallas. 

At Conveyors & Materials Handling Inc., our conveyor systems are much more efficient, safe, and fast than having people transport items by hand, and you’re less likely to have workplace accidents. 

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What is a Conveyor System?

In its most basic form, a conveyor system is any type of system that helps transport goods, items, and products. Our Dallas conveyors operate through the use of automation, electricity, or gravity, depending on the type of system you prefer. They typically utilize belts, magnets, rollers, or a combination of these methods to move items in an assembly line style. The most common use for conveyor systems is material handling in production facilities.

Types of Conveyors We Offer in Dallas

As a major industrial equipment supplier in Texas, we ensure our customers get the right conveyor for their specific needs. 

We offer the following types of conveyor systems in Dallas:

Perfect for moving items overhead rather than on the floor.

Very versatile and the most common conveyor system.

Ideal for Dallas conveyors with curves and multiple destinations. 

Great for the food industry! 

Often utilized to transport raw materials and bulk items. 

Also used to transport items in bulk 

Typically used to move and transport metal components.

One of the most common and versatile conveyor systems in Dallas for warehouses.

These conveyors are perfect for transporting powders and other fine products. 

The most heavy-duty conveyor option and typically used in construction.

Industries We Work with in Dallas

Conveyors & Materials Handling is proud to offer a wide variety of conveyor systems that are appropriate for any industry in Dallas. From warehouses and distribution centers to manufacturing facilities and grocery stores, we have a conveyor system for everyone.

The Benefits of Using a Conveyor

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There’s no doubt that conveyor systems are a valuable commodity and asset. If you want the best conveyors in Dallas, our expert staff will help you choose the right system to make your operations safer, faster, and more manageable.

And if you’re looking to expand operations even more, we offer industrial equipment services such as lift tables, cranes and hoists, warehousing products, and more for you to choose from.

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