Industrial Shelving in Austin, TX

Regardless of why you need extra storage, industrial shelving is the way to get it done. Industrial shelving in Austin offers a durable, long-term option for all your storage needs. Whether you own a warehouse or storage facility, Conveyors & Materials Handling can help. 

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What is Industrial Shelving?

As the name implies, industrial shelving is heavy-duty shelving used for commercial or large-scale residential needs. Industrial shelves are bigger, stronger, and more durable than other forms of shelving and are usually made of metal. 

Industrial shelves are tasked with the responsibility of making your life easier when it comes to storage and containment. However, there are many different types of Austin industrial shelving systems, and not all of them are created equal.

The Best Type of Industrial Shelving in Austin

As we said before, there are several different types of industrial pallet rack shelving systems to choose from. However, if you want the best of the best, metal pallet racking systems are the way to go. Metal pallet racking systems consist of the actual shelving platforms, strong bases, and frames. Typically, the frames have holes on the sides at one-inch intervals so that you can space the platforms at different heights. 

In addition to being extremely convenient, this makes metal shelving versatile and flexible. You can store different objects of various heights and weights. You can also choose platforms that have solid bases or those with open slats. It all depends on what you’re storing and what your needs are. You also have the option of choosing closed shelving so that you can keep sensitive or private items out of public sight. 

Here are some of the best types of pallet rack shelving:

Steel Shelving is the most durable type of shelving on the market. It’s solid, stout, extremely durable, and can accommodate all your needs.

When you need something that isn’t quite as strong and durable but is more affordable, wire rack shelving is the way to go.

As the name implies, warehouse shelving is perfect for warehouses. This type of shelving can be either steel or wire rack, depending on your needs and desires.

Benefits of High-Quality Industrial Shelving in Austin

To get a better idea of just how great pallet rack industrial shelving is, here are some of the benefits it offers. 


The biggest advantage is that it’s the most durable type of shelving on the market. This is especially true of coated steel shelving that gets properly installed and manufactured by a reliable distributor. Whether it has a special coating or not, however, steel shelving is less prone to damage than plastic or wood alternatives. They’re built to stand the test of time and aren’t going anywhere. 


In addition to durability, steel shelving is one of the most versatile types of shelving on the market. You can set up and design steel shelving; however, it is necessary to meet your needs, and you can use it in a wide range of settings. Steel shelving is the perfect combination of aesthetically pleasing and practical, making it great for private or public spaces. 


Along with being highly durable, steel shelves are extremely strong. This is especially true of shelving units made by Conveyors & Materials Handling, thanks to how our welds are done and the type of steel we use. Contact us to learn more or to order your Austin industrial shelving units today. 


Because of its strength and durability, metal shelving is one of the safest types of shelving available. You’ll be hard-pressed to tip or topple steel shelving units, even if you’re loading them with forklifts and other heavy machinery. 

Industrial Shelving in Austin: Who to Turn to?

If you want the best industrial shelving in Austin, look no further than Conveyors & Materials Handling. Our shelving professionals will even help you pick out the right system for your needs and help you set it up. Our only goal is to provide you with a quality product that will make your life easier and your storage neater. Call (832) 412-0931 today to learn more.

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