What Makes Grieve the Gold Standard in Industrial Heat Processing Equipment?

For over 70 years, the experts at Grieve have been designing and building quality ovens and furnaces for every industry. No two worksites are alike. Sometimes an oven from Grieve’s standard line will fit; if not, they will design an oven specifically for the customer’s application.

Grieve’s team, including their knowledgeable field sales representatives, is dedicated to helping with your heat processing requirements. They will help choose the right piece of equipment, even designing something custom if a standard unit is not right. They will build the oven or furnace to their exact standards. After shipment, they will be available to support your operation with replacement parts. 

The testing of a Grieve oven or furnace is done with the same care and attention as the design and manufacturing stages. Everything is fully tested. Over a hundred aspects of a Grieve product are carefully checked by a member of Grieve management before the product gets its nameplate and is packed for shipment.

Grieve is the gold standard because Grieve equipment keep performing for decades; built to last.

Learn more about what makes Grieve equipment superior, and our entire catalog of products at www. grievecorp.com

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