The Grieve Corporation: Industrial Heat Processing Equipment Since 1949

The leading manufacturer of industrial heat process equipment, the Grieve Corporation, came to fruition over 70 years ago when an entrepreneurial man took a small business idea and began to lay the groundwork. It started with steel then small ovens, and later turned into an extensive line of industrial ovens and furnaces with endless customization and modification options. 

Located in Round Lake, IL (just 50 miles north of Chicago), the company is proud to custom design, engineer and construct all equipment on-site in their 100,000 sq ft facility. From laboratory ovens as small as a kitchen appliance, to large scale walk-in ovens as grand as a single-family home, Grieve equipment can be designed to accommodate each customer’s unique process and application, as Grieve will take the time to understand each customer’s requirements.

Grieve equipment can be found in a wide variety of industries like aerospace, automotive, medical, defense, metal, mining coating, oil and gas, and meets the needs of so many others.

Built to last decades, Grieve equipment endures endless usage and time. Many of Grieve’s customers are repeat buyers, and commonly purchase their exact model because of its dependability. From the global off-site as well as factory-based sales teams, to the engineers and team building the equipment in the shop, every Grieve employee is invested in producing the gold standard of industrial heat processing equipment. 

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