Overview of Wire Rope Hoists

A grey and orange wire rope hoist in El Paso.

If you own an El Paso warehouse, packing facility, or any other type of business with lots of heavy lifting, it’s important to have the right tools. Among the many things you’ll need to keep your business functioning, you’ll also need various crane and hoist systems. While there are many different types of hoists, the wire rope hoist is one of the most popular and useful. These types of hoist systems are very versatile and get used in many different ways and applications. If you’re curious and want to know more about wire rope hoists, you’ve come to the right place. 

If you are looking for crane and hoist systems for your El Paso business, Conveyors and Materials is here to help. Contact us online or call (915) 584-5729 to learn more about our products.

What are Wire Rope Hoists? 

Wire rope hoists are special hoists that operate similarly to other hoists but with a different lifting medium. Instead of using chains, this hoist utilizes wire ropes, allowing for faster and higher lifting. Wire ropes also spread the load distribution better than chains and other lifting mediums. 

Like all hoists, a wire rope hoist is used mostly for lifting heavy objects straight into the air. These hoists can also move things from side to side depending on the type of Harrington wire rope hoist you have. Contact us to learn more about Harrington hoists and how they can change your El Paso workplace! 

Different Types of Wire Rope Hoists 

Now that you have a better idea of what wire rope hoists are and how they work let’s look at the three different types. 

Standard Wire Rope Hoist 

Standard wire rope hoists are the most basic and common type of wire rope hoist system on the market. They’re the hoists you’ll typically see at factories, warehouses, and other large operations around the world. 

Standard wire rope hoists in El Paso work in conjunction with trolley and crane systems to keep you as productive as possible. While they aren’t readily customizable, these hoist systems are available in so many different options that they might as well be. 

Non-Standard Wire Rope Hoist 

Standard wire rope hoist systems are useful in most applications. However, in rare instances where one of the many Harrington wire rope hoists isn’t getting the job done, you may need a non-standard wire rope hoist system. Non-standard wire rope hoist systems are fully customizable. This means you can design your hoist for specific heights, weights, lifting speeds, and side-to-side motion.  

True Vertical Lift Hoist 

The third type of wire rope hoist is the true vertical hoist system. As the name implies, this type of hoist is ideal for instances when you need to lift things straight up in the air. However, unlike other wire rope hoists that may have slight side-to-side movement, the true vertical lift hoist lifts absolutely straight. This makes it ideal for tight spaces with little to no wiggle room on either side. 

Advantages of Wire Rope Hoists

Wire rope hoist systems are some of the most common and popular on the market. Certain brands, such as Harrington Hoists, have brought these types of systems to the forefront and continue to lead the way in innovation. Here are some reasons why more and more companies are moving to wire rope hoists over chain hoists. 

  • Faster lifting speeds 
  • More mobility for lateral movements 
  • Extremely versatile and can get used in many different industries and environments 
  • Very safe to use, even for amateurs 
  • Just as strong, durable, and reliable as chains 
  • Because wire rope hoists use many different strands in the rope design, they have excellent weight distribution. 
  • A smoother, quieter lifting experience 

If you’re ready to invest in the best wire rope hoist on the market, turn to the pros at Conveyors and Materials in El Paso. We have some of the best Harrington wire rope hoist systems available. Each of our Harrington hoists is easy to install and use, and you’re sure to see excellent results. Contact us online or call (915) 584-5729 for more information or to place your order today!

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