C&MH: Our Success In Food And Beverage

Conveyors & Materials Handling has an award-winning reputation serving the food and beverage industries in the United States and Mexico. As we continue to expand, we are focused on building new relationships throughout this industry.

Starting in the mid-1980s, our customers in Mexico were using reusable glass bottles for their beverage lines. The production lines consisted of employees packing and unpacking bottles, this tedious and repetitive work was highly inefficient and resulted in high turnover rates among the workforces.

Identifying these issues, we worked with a Fortune 100 company to create a more modern and automated system utilizing automatic palletizers and depalletizers along with one of their production lines. The success of that line created the opportunity to work with 12 bottling plants across Central Mexico, all with multiple lines throughout the plant that required similar products and equipment.

The reputation we developed working on these packaging systems opened the door to explore further opportunities with these plants for additional equipment needs. Our customers started to request full bottling lines with depalletizers, case conveyors, un-packing systems, washing applications, bottle conveyors, carbo coolers, fillers, cappers, case packers, and palletizers. In the next few years, we fulfilled orders for 15 complete bottling lines.

For the next 15 years, the introduction of REF-PET returnable plastic bottles, aluminum cans, and one-way PET bottles with sizes from 8oz to 20 liters created a market for C&MH to supply an additional 50 bottling lines to the market. As we continued to find success, we developed relationships with the top manufacturing groups throughout the United States and Europe.

By the time a new challenge presented itself in 2010, the C&MH name was considered an industry leader in the design and integration of bottling systems. At this time, we teamed up with our European manufacturing contacts to create a solution for new requirements of syrup rooms and drink preparation processes.

As competition in industries grows, our customers have explored new opportunities outside of the beverage industries. Food processing and packaging have found their way into production alongside the bottling lines. These new challenges have increased the need for flexible production lines and packaging systems. The goal is to increase line efficiencies and decrease the time from production to distribution to a growing customer base.

C&MH continues to meet the changing needs of our customers through Food grade conveyance systems, wash down and stainless-steel solutions, and customizable food processing, bagging and shrink-wrapping solutions, and packaging systems.

As we look to the future, we are excited to continue the longstanding relationships with our Mexican customers, while we also create new opportunities in the United States. We are working with our American customers to create bottling solutions for our customers in the production of dairy products, distilleries, honey, and everyday beverage needs. As we create these new relationships to supply the conveyance, capping, and packaging needs of our customers, we lean on the experience and knowledge of our success in Mexico.

To learn more about the food and beverage equipment we represent and all industries we serve, visit our solutions page. To request information or learn more about how we can create a solution to fit your needs, contact us at info@cmh-elp.com

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